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Here is the Christmas Light Display house of Neil J DiSpirito. The location of this fantastic Holiday Lights show is : 1 White Spruce Lane, Levittown PA in the Willowood section (development). Voted best Christmas light display in bucks county. Click Here For A Map - All photos/video of this Christmas light show are © 2006-2013 Ray Johnson

In 2011 we broke all of our previous records with more than 125,000 Holiday Lights , including over 225 "blow mold" characters, two dozen "blow ups", some of them 15 feet high, and a train large enough for a child to ride for our light display. To put that in perspective, that’s five times as many lights as Chevy Chase’s house in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation !

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Holiday Lights

2014 Light it Up is Saturday December 6th, 2014 at 5:55 pm

Holiday Lights


This year the whole thing will take about eight (8) weeks to set up, and will be turned on by Santa himself on Saturday December 7th 2013 at 5:55 PM. The Christmas light display will be on from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM every night until Friday December 27th. Each night a different young child comes to push the button on our remote to turn on the lights. I don't have exact calculations for this year yet, but last year we were pulling 194.8 Amps on leg A of our 200 amp electrical service, and 193.1 on leg B.


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Holiday LightsEvery year we replace more and more of our lights with energy efficient LEDs, and this holiday year we hope to be at the halfway mark. It takes ten to twelve of them to simulate the brightness of one super bright Christmas light, so it’s a slow and costly process. The twinkling roof of the house has 8,000 lights that run off of a computer on its own dedicated 60 Amp sub panel. Every night I change/replace approximately 400 light bulbs to keep everything "burning bright"

2012 will be our 20th Christmas putting on the Holiday Lights display, but I have spent more than 30 years collecting all of the decorations. As a result, we have many rare and unique items, such as the entire 22 piece Hammacher Schlemmer gingerbread village, and the complete full scale 12 piece Mr. Christmas Santa's sleigh and reindeer, including Rudolph. All of the them were bought brand new, one piece at a time, year after year, including 19 pieces of the twenty piece Santa’s Best Nativity, This holiday I'm still looking for the right scale "little drummer boy".

Holiday Lights

Many of these objects are no longer made, and sell on the Internet for hundreds of dollars. Our insurance company estimated retail replacement value is over $100,000.00, but few of the items are replaceable. That may be the reason why we have added more and more security cameras every year. With the dozens of cameras we have now, we can see the happy face of every person who comes by, as well as read the license plate on their car. And we get allot of cars, over 4,000 just the first night last year! Did I mention that we had over 2,823 "walk-ups" that night? I know because of all the free soft pretzels, juice boxes, and bottled water we handed out. It's kind of a neighborhood holiday tradition to get things rolling. When I first started doing this, I was one of only three houses in the neighborhood that put up lights, now my entire street is literally lit up like a Christmas tree.

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Holiday Lights

You Control The Holiday Lights.. use your mouse to turn on the sections of the house.

In the 20 years I have never entered a Christmas holiday decorating contest, never accepted a donation, and turned down several corporate sponsorships. We don't have a collection box, but we do refer people to donate to the Levittown Fire Company #1. The sole reason that I do this is to put smiles on children's faces at Christmas. I have asked every reporter not to mention my name, only my address, and have refused to do all "sponsored" live television interviews. My feelings are that it would be wrong to take credit for something that I have not done myself.

I have many friends and family who put in countless hours to help creating the Christmas light display, including My Father Carmen Dispirito, my former Father-in-law Roger Baker, my good friends Bobbert, Ray, and Mike, as well as the many members of the Holmes family, and Santa Claus himself, who can be found in my driveway almost every night handing out full size candy canes to children of all ages. Last year he gave out over 10,000, stop and get one! Merry Christmas, have a great holiday! - Neil

See a funny interview with Neil at

#1 White Spruce Lane
Levittown, PA 19054-3103
Falls Township, Bucks County

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Holiday Lights

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